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I offer a variety of student & staff presentations and workshops to both secondary schools and colleges.

The sessions are designed to be an hour in duration, but there is great flexibility to suit the needs of individual schools and colleges.

Sessions can be designed to be delivered in the form of assemblies, class size presentations, or interactive workshops.

My Story

For Students

I share my journey from being a 9 year old girl with a big dream, to realising it 11 years later. I discuss the rollercoaster of a journey I have had, from the typical set backs of an athlete, to the turbulence of living with mental illness.

This session focuses on my journey, and most importantly, the lessons I have learnt along the way that students can apply to their lives. 

The session helps develop aspirations, goal-setting, problem solving, and general understanding of mental (ill) health.  

My Story in Short

For Celebration Events

This 15 – 30 minute presentation is ideal for academic or sport achievement evenings.

I share the main parts of my journey, discussing how my dream began as a 9 year old girl, and how it was realised 11 years later. I discuss the rollercoaster of a journey I have had, from the typical set backs of an athlete, to the turbulence of living with mental illness.

Please note: This session is only offered in isolation if your school is located within a 30 minute drive of BA1 or SG5.

If your school is located outside this area, you can book this session with a half or whole day package.

Understanding Anxiety

For Students

Anxiety is a healthy emotion that everyone feels from time to time – it is necessary to help us survive. But, it can become out of hand. It can be difficult to identify if an individuals anxiety is healthy, or needs some support. This presentation helps students understand.

I use personal experience to explain how anxiety feels and how it can impact everyday life. Advice is also offered to deal with anxiety.

Includes discussion on panic attacks – why they happen, what they feel like, and how students can help themselves or someone else.

Understanding Low Mood

For Students

We all experience low mood from time to time. It is not realistic to aim for permanent happiness. But, for some, low mood can be prolonged, intense, and difficult to lift.

I use personal experience to discuss how depression feels, how it can impact everyday life, as well as mechanisms that may boost mood.

Sometimes associated with low mood is self-harming behaviours and suicidal thoughts. Whilst this topic can be uncomfortable, we know conversations can save lives. I am honest about my struggles, aiming to encourage openness on the topic and ensure people know it is ok to talk.

Understanding Self-Harm & Suicide

For Students 

When life is tough, particularly when mental illness is all consuming, it can be very difficult to cope. For some people, self-harm and suicide can become the logical solution.

I am honest about my struggles, aiming to encourage openness on the topic and ensure people know it is ok to talk. 

In this session, I look to enhance student understanding of the topic, and help them realise there light outside of darkness, and a life beyond crisis.


Goal Setting for Sporty Students

For Students

This session is aimed at students showing a passion for sport. Having a dream of achieving outstanding performance in sport is a great start, but it can be a rollercoaster of a journey in an environment often filled with significant pressure.

I spend time sharing my journey to becoming an international athlete, and how I kept going through major knock-backs.

Following this, I encourage students to consider their own dreams, obstacles they have already faced or may face in the future, and how they can be overcome.

Please note: This session works best with smaller groups (around 15), but the session can be adapted for larger groups. Largest 35. 

Understanding Student Low Mood, Self-Harm & Suicidal Ideation

For Staff

Low mood, self-harming behaviours, and suicidal thoughts are becoming increasingly common amongst school age students.

It can be incredibly difficult for students to seek help for such feelings, thoughts and behaviours. Likewise, it can be challenging for people to start conversations and understand if they have never been in the position. But, we know conversations save lives.

I confront this difficult topic head on, using lived experience to explain potential reasons for these feelings, myths surrounding the topic, and ways school staff can help students experiencing these.

Understanding Student Anxiety

For Staff

I discuss school life as a student experiencing Generalised Anxiety Disorder. I consider how experiences at school both helped and hindered my anxiety.

Practical advice is offered on how school staff may be able to identify unhealthy anxiety in students and offer them support.

Panic attacks, and how to help students experiencing them, is also discussed.

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