Cat Magee, Assistant Principal of Wellbeing, Lincroft Academy, Bedfordshire

"In June 2018 Lincroft booked the fabulous Becky to talk to the year 8 students about mental health during our 'Mind Full' week. Becky shared her inspirational and emotional journey from starting life as a talented girl who had a dream to represent her country in her favourite sport, to a young lady who got there. Her journey was anything but smooth. Becky talked us through what I only consider as utter strength and grit. Becky describes her feelings and experiences in such an emotive way that the whole audience is holding on to every word. Becky is honest, authentic and a true advocate for child mental health. I was simply in awe of this amazing young lady who is brave enough to talk about the truth. I would strongly recommend this young lady in every school for year 7 onwards. Becky is beautiful, inside and out!"

"In September we asked Becky back to talk to our teachers about anxiety. Becky was honest and spot on with her description of how she was. Becky is an A* student, so she went under the radar with comments like "you'll be fine," or "you'll get the grades." Becky tells us how comments like this made her worse. Her journey and insight into herself is incredible. You learn about common misconceptions around anxiety, and more importantly, what not to say! Becky is exactly what every teacher needs."

Olivia Warwick, Chair of University of Bath Netball Club

“The University of Bath netball club were so grateful and inspired by ‘Beautiful Ugly Truth’ speaker Becky.

Becky’s mental health workshop enabled our club to start speaking openly about personal and difficult issues, her direct but sensitive approach to the conversation was eye-opening and removed societal barriers, which often keep our mouths closed on this topic.

Becky was able to use her own experiences, and depth of knowledge to provide accurate and emotional information for our club. Since, as chair I have been much more comfortable and well-informed when dealing with any wellbeing or mental health problem within the club.

I feel that a service such as the one Becky provides should be implemented in every sports club, university, and school – mental health should definitely be discussed more openly, with no stereotypes.

Becky’s communication is such as positive way to begin this process, her discussion with our club was extremely well-received and given the opportunity I would welcome further advice possibly for our coaching/support staff. Keep changing the stigma Becky, I’m sure it helps more people than you’ll ever know.”

Neil Mills, Director of Pastoral Development, Robert Bloomfield Academy

Becky spoke incredibly honestly to our KS3 pupils about the challenges she had faced in her own life and mental health in a wider context. 

Her presentation was very engaging and raised important issues in a relatable way, leading on to a Q&A where Becky gave frank and insightful responses to the numerous questions put to her. 

Becky’s visit was invaluable in helping to remove some of the barriers young people encounter when considering their own mental health and that of those around them.”

Caroline Downing, Primary Coordinator, The Bedfordshire Teacher Training Partnership

“Becky provided our trainee teachers with an honest and brave personal account relating to her own mental health. Her presentation raised awareness and prompted further valuable discussions around the subject of mental wellbeing of ourselves and those around us. Thank you Becky!”

Natasha Cooper, Assistant Head of PE, Robert Bloomfield Academy

“Becky’s assembly was honest, relatable and incredibly raw”

Year 8 Student

“After listening to Becky, I felt able to ask for help to deal with the death of my mum”

Secondary School Teacher

“Becky needs to be linked to teacher training in every establishment. She is a very special young lady”

Secondary School Teacher

“What an inspirational young lady to talk so freely about her struggles at such a young age”

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