Urgent Help

Do I need urgent help?

If you feel like you are no longer able to cope with your mental health, and you feel out of control, you need to get urgent help. Likewise, if you are concerned that someone else has experienced deterioration in their mental health, and now pose risk to themselves or others, they too need urgent help.

Feeling out of control or unable to cope means different things to different people. Below are some things that indicate you are experiencing a mental health crisis and need urgent support. (Please know that a mental health crisis is not limited to this list. If you feel unsafe in any way, even if what you’re experiencing is not on this list, please know that you are able to access urgent help).

– Thinking about acting on suicidal thoughts
– Behaving in a way that is putting yourself or someone else in danger
– Experiencing Psychosis – you may be experiencing hallucinations or delusions

How can I get urgent help?

– If you have a crisis plan (also known as a safety or care plan), follow this. Contact the identified people that will help you in times of great  
– Contact Samaritans. They are a 365 days per year 24/7 service offering confidential support. Call them on 116 123.
– Make an emergency appointment with your GP.
– Call NHS on 111.

If you feel in immediate danger, or have already harmed yourself, please call 999 or go to A&E.

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